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About Us

CEO Shawn Englert started this company in 2013 with a vision: To bring the equipment and parts you need right to your door in the easiest and most affordable way possible. Coming from a background in Agriculture, Transportation, Automotive, Hydraulic Machinery and Mechanics, he has a fine understanding of the working class man. He understands that sometimes the cost of new equipment and parts from dealers can be out of reach to many individuals and small businesses. So, Southern Surplus was formed, and with the help of his two sons, Kurtis and Evan, and the other support staff, his vision has become a reality. In just three short years, the company has moved from a small 1500 sqft storage unit to our current 14,000 sqft. Warehouse in Orlando, FL. Southern Surplus also enjoys playing a big part in our local community, from making donations to charities to interacting with neighbors and helping in any way possible.